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MAGNUS International Search & Rescue is a world-renowned emergency management and ground search and rescue service provider with over 30 years of life-saving experience. Rescue services are supported by a global asset network that provides emergency solutions 24/7 anywhere in the world for travelers, business enterprises, insurance companies, and governments.

High-Volume Crisis

Leveraging three decades of experience conducting around-the-clock rescue operations, MAGNUS has developed a unique threshold for high-volume crisis management—regularly leading extensive rescue efforts in coordination with numerous government, rescue, and law enforcement agencies assisting a single event.

Operating in
Challenging Areas

MAGNUS has demonstrated reliable performance in austere environments, including field, maritime, and urban environments.
Our teams have a deep understanding and experience in saving lives in challenging regions across South America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and conflict zones out of the reach of other rescue organizations.

Worldwide Professional
Asset Network

With global connections, matured over the course of 30 years of continual operations, MAGNUS has built a reliable global network of human resources seasoned in their particular regions of expertise. We train and deploy additional assets daily.

International Search
and Rescue

MAGNUS has been doing international search and rescue on a daily basis for the past three decades. We have performed thousands of successful rescues and evacuations all over the world in all kinds of emergencies: Medical (including mental), political, and natural disasters.

Remember, the safest way to travel is to never leave your house, but where's the fun in that?

Travel safety is not just about avoiding danger, it's also about being prepared for the unexpected and having the knowledge and resources to handle any situation that may arise.

And if you're already in trouble - that's what we're here for."

Yechiel Magnus

Founder of MAGNUS International Search and Rescue



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